East Kentucky Funding Group helps to alleviate the plaintiff’s financial burden while the attorney is working to maximize the recovery for their client.

Most decisions are made within a couple of days and most plaintiffs have their money within 24 hours.

THIS IS NOT A LOAN.  East Kentucky Funding Group is investing the outcome of your case.  If your case does not settle, we get nothing.  

There are no credit checks.  East Kentucky Funding Group is not a bank or a lending agency of any kind.   Our decisions to invest in cases and advance plaintiffs money is based only on the merits of the case. 

No monthly payments.  If East Kentucky Funding Group invest in your case, there will be no repayment until the time that the case is resolved.  It is at this time that the plaintiff’s attorney will withhold monies due to East Kentucky Funding Group and make those payments on the clients behalf.

East Kentucky Funding Group will hold all information obtained about the case in the strictest of confidence.  Plaintiffs do not have to worry about the details of their case or any of the personal information.


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